Robur - Heat Pumps - Gas Absorption Heating & Cooling Solutions

  • Absorption Heating & Cooling Solutions
  • Gas Fired Heat Pumps - Single Phase AC
  • No Mechanical Compressors or Engines
  • CSA Approved - CEC Listed - 100% Capacity tested

TACO Comfort Solutions

Taco Comfort Solutions - Commercial Building Services include:

  • Commercial Pump and Booster Packages – vertical in-lines, base mounted end suction, horizontal split case…
  • High Efficiency Products including ECM Circulator, Pumps, VFD's and Starters
  • LoadMatch System for Single Pipe Hydronic system solutions.
  • A complete line of ASME pressure vessels, including Air Controls, Hydraulic Separators, Expansion Tanks, Buffer and Storage Tanks
  • Heat Exchangers – Brazed Plate, Plate & Frame and Shell & Tube
  • eLink Taco Connectivity - NFC support for Commercial Product Spec's and Data
  • Hydronic Accessories – various
  • Energy Management Products and Technologies – Drives, Starters, Selfsensing pump packages, ECM technology
  • Design Tools
  • Application Solutions
  • And more…please visit www.tacocomfort.com for more details.


  • Hot and Cold Potable Water Systems
  • Residential Fire Safety System
  • Hydronic Radiant Heating and Cooling Floor and Snow Melt Systems
  • Pre-insulated PEX and HDPE Tubing for Liquid Transport, Hot and Chilled Water Applications


  • Pump Connectors
  • Expansion Compensators
  • Expansion Joints
  • Loops for all applications
  • Strainers
  • Pipe Guides
  • Valves

Laars Heating Systems

  • Commercial Volume Water, Hydronic and Pool Heaters
  • Residential Hydronic and Combi Boilers
  • All Efficiencies
  • Manufacturers Start-up Services available from JSA Sales Inc.


  • Commercial and Residential Hydronic Baseboard for Hot Water and Steam Applications
  • Noiseless Aluminum fins and copper tubing elements that insure maximum heat transfer
  • Silent Glide" unique two polyethylene tracks which eliminate expansion and contraction noises
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