Uponor is a World's Leader in providing PEX Potable Water Plumbing Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications. The AQUAPEX ProPEX Plumbing System provides unprecedented Warranties, Performances, and Cleanliness in Water Distribution.

Uponor Fire Protection System is integrated with the Uponor AquaPEX Plumbing system provides is a fully compliant NFPA 13D Residential Fire Sprinkler System. You and your family can live in confidence that a your Uponor Fire Protection System is providing 24 hours a day fire protection.

Uponor (formerly Wirsbo) is a World's Leader in Radiant Heating/Cooling and Snow/Ice Melt Distribution Systems. From hePEX and Helio Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing, to Hydronic Manifolds and Controls, Uponor can provide complete designs and installations through it's extensive Authorized and Advantage Dealer Network.

Uponor Pre-insulated Tubing (formally Ecoflex Systems) provides PEX and HDPE tubing in a Environmentally Secure HDPE Jacket for Buried Domestic, Heating and Chilled Water Applications. For more information on Uponor's Pre-insulated Ecoflex Systems in Canada, contact Isonor via their website at www.isonor.ca.