S39 Solder Flux and Gas Leak Detector

S-39 from Griffon Products in the Netherlands provide high grade Liquid Solder Fluxes as well as Gas Leak Detector.


  • S-39 is a completely water soluble, water flushable, self cleaning flux.
  • S-39 leaves no residue and will not transfer taste or odor.
  • S-39 is an acid free, lead free, liquid soldering flux, that is suitable on all types of tin solder (from 40/60 to lead free), copper, brass, polished chrome, steel, zinc, nickel, galvanized iron, silver, tin, lead and their alloys.
  • S-39 water soluble flux will also solder dissimilar metals.
  • S-39 is specifically formulated to withstand temperatures up to 700F (357C) and will not "flash off" when direct heat is applied. This superb solder flux makes solder flow quickly and evenly.
  • S-39 self-cleaning action works excellent on older or tarnished metals, without having to brush or sand the surface.
  • S-39 is available in 80ml (4oz or 113.4g) and 320ml (16oz.or 454g) brush-top plastic containers.
  • As a paintable viscous liquid flux, S-39 cost less per solder joints than most paste fluxes on the market.


  • Aerosol 400 ml
  • For detecting leaks in gas- and compressed-air pipes.
  • For detecting leaks in pipes, connections, valves and taps in gas and air pressure installations, cooling and air conditioning systems, pressure vessels, tanks, ovens, burners, gas cylinders and compressors.
  • Suitable for all (flammable) gas types (also oxygen and freon).
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