Laars Heating Systems

Hydronic and Domestic Hot Water Boilers and Heaters for Residential and Commercial Applications. All efficiencies with units starting at 75,000 Btu to 5,000,000 Btu. The featured products are the Neotherm, Magnathem, Mascot, Pennant, and MightyTherm2 high and mid efficiency Commercial Boilers and Water Heaters. For aggressive domestic water market's, Laars Heating Systems heaters are either of Stainless Steel or can be supplied with Cupro-nickel heat exchangers for longer life.  Also now featured are the Electric Boilers and new Keltech Electric Instantaneous Commercial and Industrial Domestic Water Heaters.

JSA Sales Inc can provide Manufacturers Start-up Services for the Laars Equipment.  JSA Sales can:

  • Review the installation, piping, venting and gas
  • Assist the Controls Contractor in Installation Set-up

​Installing Contractor: 

  • Provides for all Safety Authority Permits and Commissioning Approval Request (for forced draft appliance over 409600 BTU/Hr)
  • Confirms Pre-Start-up Check List (see below)