J Brackets and Standups - Uponor Tool Rentals

 J Bracket and Stand-up’s - PVC Piping System Brackets

  •  4 styles to meet various installation configurations
  •  Rated to be used in Fire-Resistive Construction

Uponor Tool Rentals

JSA Rents 5 styles of the Uponor ProPEX Tools

  • Q6295010 - ProPEX Hand Expander Tool (1/2" and 3/4" heads)
  • Q6251500 - ProPEX 150 Battery Expander Tool (1/2" to 1-1/2" heads)
  • Q6262000 - ProPEX 200 Battery Tool (1/2" to 2" heads)
  • Q6272000 - ProPEX 201 Corded Electric Tool (2" head only)
  • 2633-22 - Milwaukee ForceLogic M18 ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit (2", 2-1/2" and 3" heads)

All tools are rented through the BC Plumbing and Heating Wholesalers.  The rental process is a follows:

  1. Contact JSA Sales for availability of the requested tool
  2. Fill out the below Rental Agreement Form
  3. Provide form to your local wholesaler with your purchase order and pick-up or shipment arrangements
  4. Local wholesaler provides Rental Purchase Order with pick-up or shipping information along with the Rental Agreement to JSA Sales
  5. Rental completed and tool returned to JSA Sales
  6. JSA confirms state of tool and bills the local wholesaler

Laars Heating Systems Equipment Manufacturers Start-up

Please review the Laars JSA Pre-Startup Check List prior to requesting a Laars Manufacturers Start-up.