Reed Water - A Complete Water Management Suite - CalVal iPRV Intelligent PRV Stations

Reed Water - CalVal iPRV 

Risk Management  -  Condition Monitoring, Flood Detection, and Call Support

Conservation  -  Metering, Waste Detection, and Reporting

Connectivity  -  Cloud Software, Control and Monitor, and SMS and Email Alerts

ClaVal & iPRV  -  Intelligent Pressure Reducing Valve System

H2O Degree - Utility Management Solutions for Multi-Unit Facilities

H20 Degree 

H2O Degree Provides:

  • Multi-Family, Rental, Hotel Property Wireless Utility Submetering
  • Cloud-based Billing Data
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Wireless Thermostat Control
  • Utility Consumption Analysis & Reporting

Cana Safety Showers & Eyewashes

  • Safety showers,
  • Eyewashes,
  • Decontamination platforms
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