H2O Degree - Utility Management Solutions for Multi-Unit Facilities

H20 Degree

H2O Degree Provides:

  • Multi-Family, Rental, Hotel Property Wireless Utility Submetering
  • Cloud-based Billing Data
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Wireless Thermostat Control
  • Utility Consumption Analysis & Reporting

Why H2O Degree?

H2O Degree has been the leading supplier of utility management products for multi-family facilities for more than 10 years. H2O Degree has enabled building owners and managers to recover and reduce utility costs within their facilities creating increased net operating income and boosting property value while reducing energy consumption costs.  

How does H2O Degree help you reduce utility costs?

  • Submetering for tenant billing — water, electric, gas & BTU
  • Water leak detection and reporting • Thermostat control program
  • Water & energy conservation identification, analysis and M&V reporting

Across North America, H2O Degree has sold 50,000+ wireless meters and control devices to help property managers and owners control utility costs.

What types of facilities?

  • Apartments
  • Condos & co-ops
  • Student housing
  • Low-income housing
  • Military housing
  • Mobile homes
  • Hotels
  • Light commercial & retail

We submeter all building types:

  • High-rise
  • Low-rise
  • New construction
  • Retrofit
  • All plumbing, electrical & heating designs and equipment


H2O Degree has a nationwide network of manufacturer sales representatives like JSA Sales Inc. to support projects locally with site visits, engineering design, contractor take-offs, development of bill of materials and provide investment analysis for the projects as part of the quotation process. H2O Degree’s installation and meter reading service providers (RBCs) partners are “Best of Class” providers with a proven track record and broad national experience.