Uponor PEX for commercial piping applications seminar - November 16 & 17, 2017

This seminar will examine the following:
•How hydronic heating, commercial plumbing and PEX fit together
•Different types of heat emitters that can be used
•Heat sources available for PEX and how it workswith chilled-water applications
•How a PEX design differs from a copper design
•Design considerations to take into account
•A deep dive into advanced hydronics, radiant coolingand underground distribution
•How PEX pipe works with commercial plumbing
•Advanced design principles that can be applied to

Taco 2017 Mechanical Systems Training - Tuesday November 14

2017 Mechanical Systems Training

Taco University Mechanical Systems Training will be held on Tuesday November 14th 2017 to provide commercial HVAC professionals with
information and insights about the latest hydronic heating and cooling technologies and design tools.